Optimising these complete and most comprehensive easy to use programs, helps you achieve incredible results


Hydrate Like an Athlete

Water is the most important nutrient in your diet. Nothing else comes close. It’s therefore a truly vital resource for the human body. This 2-week habit coaching program encourages you to drink fresh water with every meal.

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Reduce Your Stress

Stress holds us back from being the best we can be. This 2-week habit coaching program encourages you to reduce your stress by showing you the most effective ways of controlling it in all areas of your life.

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Improve Your Sleep 

Understanding the power of sleep and how to get as much high-quality sleep as possible is one of the healthiest things you can do. This 2-week habit coaching program will help you plan a sleep routine and guide you towards all the benefits of sleeping better.

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You are What You Eat Program

There is a lot of value in the actual act of recording what you eat. It's a behaviour that truly takes seconds to minutes a day to do, but each and every time you pull out your app or diary, you remind yourself of your healthy living desires and strategies

This program encourages you to record what you eat. 

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The Stop Snacking Program

Snacking can reduce our natural hunger cues and ruin our appetites.  This can result in irregular eating patterns and lack of eating routine.

  • eat regularly throughout the day
  • Discover how to tune-in with hunger cues

  • re-connect with your body 

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The Protein is Power Program

This program will teach you the benefits of a higher protein diet, and how much you actually need, which will help you discover 

* How to reduce appetite

* How to increase muscle mass & strength

* How to reduce cravings and desire for late-night snacks

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The Eat Your Greens Program

Vitamins and minerals are vital for life and must be obtained from your diet. Although we get these nutrients from most of the foods we eat, fruit and vegetables contain the most.

* Discover more energy with balanced vitamins/minerals

* Learn how to increase fibre for a healthier gut

* Discover a healthier body with hydration via foods