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Janelle Djordjevic
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What's included in Y-iMove Challenge

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Weight Management

10 Week Course 

All too often there is a gap between our current lifestyle, our look and the fitness, health & appearance which we deeply desire.

You can close that gap with clearer focus on nutrition and by following an exercise program suited to your personal needs.

Y-iMove's Nutrition Portal 'ReWire' will provide you strategies that will give you the power to knock down the barriers that repeatedly just seem to get in your way.

Virtual Workouts, Weekly Podcasts and direct interaction with your Coach enables you to apply essential strategies to achieve your desired long lasting weight loss results.

Check out below list of

Topics to guarantee you Results

Beating Eating Triggers

Learn how to identify and outsmart the four common categories of eating triggers so you can keep your diet on track more days of the week.

Cutting Diet Confusion

We look at how information overload can frustrate your weight loss efforts.

Activating Activity

We will discuss easy ways to boost your metabolism and calorie burning by being more active

Cooking Lean

Simple ways to modify your cooking methods to prepare healthy meals with practical tips to stock your kitchen.

Supermarket Savvy

Learn how to outsmart supermarket sales tactics and ensure every grocery shopping trip is a healthy success

Food Label Lowdown

Cut through the marketing hype of food packaging 

Eating Well Eating Out

Learn how to make lower fat, lower calorie, healthy choices at takeaways and restaurants.

Alcohol Smarts

I will show you both the negative and positive affects alcohol has on your health and give you simple effective strategies

Success Support Crew

Learn how to build a powerful social support network to ensure you stay on track towards your weight loss goals

Stress to Success

Stress can undermine your weight loss efforts and I will give you effective and practical strategies to manage stress, find low and feel more energised​​

Making Time

Successfully manage your time and juggle life's demands to help you make real progress 

Outsmarting Plateaus

Why weight loss plateaus are a normal part of getting into shape and how you can break through

Family Fitness

Include your whole family in your weight loss program 

Dealing with Slips Ups

How to re-energise your weight loss by preventing diet slip ups

Laughing More

Why humour and laughter offers fantastic physical and emotional benefits

Staying on Track

Common tracks that can put your eating or activity off track

Optimum Eating

Boost your immunity, fight disease and delay raging by eating a variety of nutritious foods

Healthy Appetites

Enhance your appetite management and reduce overeating to help you keep your diet on track

Eating Right at Night

Manage your night-time eating and avoid overeating in the evening to improve weight loss success

Successful Social Eating

Successfully plan and manage social eating at family events and parties to keep your diet on track

ReWire On-Line Nutrition Coaching
with Janelle
Learn Strategies to keep the weight off with my complete On-Line Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Program
Finally you will look, feel and perform your best - for life.

How does it work?

On-line Health Consultation

Measurements & Before Photos

Macro, Calorie & TDEE Analysis

Personally matched Menu Plans

Weekly On-Line Check-in's to keep you accountable

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