~Janelle Djordjevic

Personal Coach 

'YiMove'........Great Question

After launching my Personal Training Business over 10 years ago, I have helped my clients lose weight, stay Strong, Healthy & Fit.  

Exercise and keeping my muscles and bones strong is extremely important for both my physical & mental health and keeps me focused on the positives in life and to stay young.

I would love for you to join my community of motivated like minded people to experience the positives of lifting weights for Fitness both virtual & live and to learn Weight Management strategies to keep those kilos at bay.

 I promise to do my best to help you along whatever path you choose for your Health & Fitness future. 

X Coach Janelle



as a gift to you

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Discover the simplest yet most effective resource to help improve your Health

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​We strive to raise awareness for charities aiding people with health disorders, such as supporting individuals with mental illnesses and diseases.

We support these people by:

  • Participating in 'The Butterfly Effect' competition which raises money and awareness for females suffering from negative body image - with the intention of broadening our societal expectations/ideals of women's bodies.

  • Partner with Rewire to host open nights for Cancer Council Australia to reach as many individuals as possible and spread awareness.

  • Participating in the 'Walk for Gemma' foundation which supports our local families who have lost loved ones due to cancer or illness.


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