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 Are you Confused about What Diet Works
For Weight Loss?

~Janelle Djordjevic

Personal Transformation Coach 

All too often there is a gap between our current lifestyle, our look and the fitness, health & appearance which we deeply desire.

You can close that gap with clearer focus on improving your nutrition and by following an exercise program suited to your needs.

Proven strategies give you the power to knock down the barriers that repeatedly just seem to get in your way.

Virtual Workouts, Weekly Podcasts and direct interaction with your Coach enables you to apply essential strategies to achieve your desired long lasting results.


My Y-iMove Transformation Challenge incorporates a 

fitness component to effectively burn those extra

calories to enhance your weight loss.

Scheduled Virtual Strength focused Workouts and

In-Studio Training is Fitness Done Different. 

Flexibility training in your own space or with a group 

at my studio here on the Gold Coast.



Weight Management these days can be confusing with so much diet information out there that the overload of information can frustrate your weight loss efforts.  


ReWire Weight Management Transformation 

Course runs for 10 weeks where you will learn

simple strategies that will give you straight

answers to common diet myths and reveal

what really works for weight loss success.

This valuable information is the simplest yet most effective method of

weight management coaching and will help you to definitely make better food choices.

Creating the right plan starts with the right assessment methods, which means finding out crucial personal information.  

The nutrition assessment is split into six key sections being:

  • Goal Setting

  • General information

  • Nutrition analysis

  • Physical analysis

  • Pictures and food diary

It's important that I get a grasp on all these areas. If you are seeking help and change, with this method I get a better insight into your needs.

#1. GOAL SETTING. Visualise your goal in your mind and the required steps to make it happen. Effective goal setting comes down to one thing - good communication with your Coach which equals good outcome.

Where are you are now and where you want to be. This is a fundamental aspect of goal setting along with achieving a change in mindset, one that is more focused on what you really want to achieve.

By setting effective goals or outcomes, you will:

  • have a purpose and direction

  • think about what you really want and how to chase after it

  • monitor your progress

  • more likely to achieve a result

Setting Goals is the first action step to Weight Management Success, if you are keen to learn more strategies to achieve your desired results, click the pricing plans tab below to get started.

My Vision

To enhance the spirit and quality of life of my community by maintaining positive fitness philosophy through providing manageable programs at achievable standards.

YiMove..Great Question..

After launching my Personal Training Business over 10 years ago, I have helped many clients lose weight, stay Strong, Healthy & Fit.  

Exercise and keeping my muscles and bones strong is extremely important for both my physical & mental health and keeps me focused on the positives in life and to stay young.

I would love for you to join my community of motivated like minded people to experience the positives of Group Fitness and to learn Weight Management strategies to keep those kilos at bay.

 I promise to do my best to help you along whatever path you choose for your Health & Fitness future. 

X Coach Janelle


I first came to Janelle with running injuries for nearly 4 years ago. Her profound knowledge & experience helped me get stronger than ever. Her patience & kindness enables her to train people of oll ages, abilities & limitations. I thoroughly recommend Janelle as a Personal Trainer

Kerrie B

I’ve been training for many years and I have to say Janelle is a fantastic trainer. After doing body building I was extremely lost and I couldn’t get back on track. Janelle worked extremely hard on my diet and got me eating better and more often as I was tired all the time . Im doing about 5 classes a week and I feel fantastic. Janelle works extremely hard on MotivatingI and supporting each client. I’m 48 years old and I feel like I’m 20 thanks for Janelle's on going support and helping me get my life back on track.

Juniata C

Janelle's classes are always great and I never know what I am in for....Working different muscles, toning, cardio and finisher challenge. Feeling stronger every week.

Clare M

Debbie S

Janelle is more than a personal trainer........she really cares about all the people she trains. She will modify exercises if your injured and constantly encourages us to be the best we can be......I highly recommend her �

I really love my workouts at Physical Transformation and the  people I've met over the years. We all have a common goal and that is to be healthier than when we started out.

Kerri M

Training programs are varied and combine weights and cardio.  Janelle has helped me from being relatively unfit an in-active to someone now that enjoys being fit, healthier and stronger.  

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