Do your Eating Triggers stop you from getting results?

Your diet is travelling along nicely until something happens....That something is an eating trigger that causes you to overeat or eat inappropriately. Knowing your eating triggers is the first step to overcoming them. Here are the four common categories of eating triggers:

Sensations...Locations...Emotions... and Relations

The key to beating these eating triggers is to level out your body's natural chemical highs and lows by eating regularly, keep your blood sugars, blood hormone levels and the chemicals in your brain, all level.

Trigger-proofing your locations by avoiding aromas and smells and choose non-food rewards to satisfy your emotional needs.

Building a healthy non-food relationship, as relationships can cause you to overeat and choose the wrong foods.

Sensations, Locations, Emotions and Relations....Work through in that order. When you've mastered your sensations, change your locations. When you've mastered that, look at your emotions, and then look at your relations. You'll be able to trigger-proof your diet. I hope you get fantastic results. This is just one of the topics discussed in my Weight Management Course. #YiMove #ReWire #physicaltransformationworongary

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