For a Stress Free Life, try exercise

Implementing more activities into our daily lives has many benefits which help to increase our energy level, reduce fatigue, improves our mood and allows "me time". The more we move, the more calories we burn and that's a great reason for us to stay in shape.

Exercise maintains and boost's our metabolism, fat burning, tones our body, and improves weight loss and maintenance. It also improves the strength of our bones and increases strength and flexibility.

In practical terms, this will allow us to carry our groceries with more ease, and get our household chores done without as much fatigue.

Looking at the health part of it, exercise helps to reduce our risk of disease, can maintain blood pressure, and keep our blood sugars in check. We can reduce our chances of getting high cholesterol and improve our good cholesterol - HDL. It also reduces constipation and increases our lung volume.

Exercise is the key and will allow us to maintain our health and to have the opportunity to eat more calories to maintain our weight as well making it more manageable.

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